The Denayrouze Divers


Divers dressed in the apparatus invented by MM. Bouquayrol and Dennyrouze

Away from the Theatre stage, or Great Hall, sideshows were a popular fixture at Alexandra Palace, these included performers including sciences with Dr Holden, or Cagliostro and his automaton Althotas. Some were more technical wonders, including a panorama and camera obscura. Combining the two was the Denayrouze Diving Pavilion.

This was an enormous tank which held nearly 40 tons of water. The tank showcased the latest advances in underwater technology including speaking apparatus and submarine lamps. The divers could be seen at work and conversed with visitors – all under the watchful eye and direction of Mr. R. Applegarth.

Other acts include Miss Alice Webb who would eat, drink, sew, peel an apple and somehow even smoke underwater!

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