People’s Stage

The People’s Stage brings together a specially selected programme of local talent running non-stop performances all day long with inspiring singers, performers, spoken word artists and musicians. All performances are locally rooted and showcase the very best of Haringey’s rising talent. Community Music Apprentice programme will be running the People’s Stage. The live sound apprenticeship programme teaches the fundamentals of sound engineering and what it takes to become a sound engineer.

Coming up at the People’s stage:

  • Candy dance (dance with older people) 12:00-12:20
  • Jackson’s Lane Youth Circus 12:30-12:50
  • Bruce Grove Youth Space (young people performing Rap and RnB) 13:00-13:15
  • Rock against Racism (young group of musicians) 13:25-13:40
  • Community Music 13:50-14:35 Details TBC
  • Collage Arts (1 young performer) 14:45-14:55
  • Steppaz (children dance group) 15:10-15:25
  • Yemalla Drumming Group 15:35-15:50
  • Generation Uncovered Live (young performers funk/hip-hop) 16:05-16:35
  • WondRWomN 16:45-17:00
  • London House Cats Choir (adult choir) 17:20-18:00

Please get in touch if there is something you would like to showcase on the peoples stage by emailing